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Technology & Internet

Wireless Internet access 
  • High speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the library, and you are welcome to bring your own device (BYOD) to use.
  • Wi-Fi is also available in the grounds and in the parking lot.
  • There is no Wi-Fi password.
  • Staff can assist you with connecting to library Wi-Fi.
  • Patrons access the Internet at their own risk. Patrons are strongly encouraged to review Internet safety and closely supervise children and teens using the Internet.
Public computers 

Public access computers are available in the computer lab. You can use these computers to access the Internet, play games, or create and print documents. Our public access computers run Google Chrome as an operating system and Google Docs for word processing. However, they can open and view Microsoft Office and Adobe documents. You do not need a guest pass or card to access computers. Sessions last one hour.

Circulating hotspots 

With new funding provided in 2021, the library is now able to lend Verizon hotspots so you can connect to the Internet at home. You can visit the front desk to get on a waiting list for a hotspot.  

Availability and reliability of hotspots is not guranteed. If you need reliable access to the Internet at home to support virtual school, college or a career, please contact your institution or employer. Discounted services, including discounts on computers and hotspots, may be available through Centurylink, Comcast, or a cell phone provider in the area.

IT Support 

Subject to availability, staff members may assist patrons with connecting to library Wi-Fi, using printers and other peripherals, and other basic IT assistance. Library staff can also provide assistance and support using meeting room technology. Specialized equipment such as ring lights, audio equipment, meeting room cameras, or hotspots may be available to support online events.