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JCPL usually has a notary public available during business hours. However, you should call ahead to ensure a notary will be available. Call 850-342-0205

Please do not sign the document/s before meeting with the notary. Before your notary appointment, you should make sure the document needs to be notarized and decide which notarial act is needed. The notary may not be able to assist you if the document does not have a notarial certificate.

In addition, please make sure:

  • The document is completely filled out, except for the signature/s.
  • You have legal ID, such as a driver's license, passport or state ID.
  • You have enough witnesses to complete the document. Many legal documents, including wills and powers of attorney, require at least 2 competent adult witnesses who are not related to you. Check the document to see how many witnesses you need. Library staff are not permitted to witness documents.
  • Everyone who needs to sign the document will be physically present and competent to sign.

Legal advice

Notaries are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. This includes advice about whether a form is legal or sufficient, how to fill out a form, which form to use, or which notarial act is needed. Please contact an attorney if you need legal guidance.