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Projects & Partnerships

Learn more about how JCPL works with charities, government agencies, and community groups to provide access to social services, STEM education, books, local research services, and more.

Jefferson County Literacy Alliance 
Dolly Parton Imagination Library 

Ensuring that your child has access to books at home is an essential part of helping them build literacy skills and prepare for school. From birth to age 5, children can recieve a free book in the mail once a month through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. These books are for your child to keep. Children of different ages will recieve different books. You can sign up by calling or visiting the library. There is no minimum age to start. 

Click here to access the registration form.

You must live in Jefferson County to sign up for the Dolly Parton program through the library. If you live in a different area, visit the Dolly Parton Imagination Library website to find your local program.

Fresh & Free Fridge 

The library's Fresh & Free Fridge program grew out of efforts to help provide Jeffersonians with access to food during the COVID-19 lockdown. Donors can now put fruits, vegetables and flowers in the fridge to help share farm and garden harvests with their neighbors. This program is designed to reduce food waste, make fresh produce available, build community spirit, and help relieve food insecurity.

The Fresh & Free fridge depends on your donations. Consider bringing a garden harvest, bag of fruit, or other produce to the fridge when you visit the library. If you have high-producing vegetables such as squash or tomatoes, bring your extras to the fridge to share with your neighbors. Our child and teen patrons especailly like apples, bananas, and baby carrots.

We are actively seeking community partnerships to support this pantry and healthy eating program. If you represent a group or organization and can help provide food for the Fresh & Free fridge, contact the library at 850-324-0205.

Keystone Genealogical Library 

Find your roots in Jefferson County during genealogical library office hours. The library is open every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. t0 2:00 p.m. Volunteers are available to discuss Jefferson County history; find the history of your historic home; locate historic records and photos; and help find family members.

*Note that neither the public library nor the Keystone Library maintains vital records. To find birth certificates, obituaries, or property records, please visit the archive in the Jefferson County Courthouse or the State Archives of Florida in Tallahassee.

Seed Library 

Get organic and heirloom seeds for your garden from our Seed Library. Seeds are replenished twice a year. You may also "return" seeds by bringing some back after your plants and flowers have gone to seed. This program is in partnership with the Wilderness Coast Public Libraries and the Damiyan Garden Project.

Learning stations 
The "Explore the Shore" sensory table. Samples of real ocean life in resin, shells and corals along with magnifying glasses and light tables to help visitors make observations.

Hands-on and sensory learning help kids grow! Visit our learning stations for STEAM activities that encourage kids to make observations, use their senses, classify objects, create art, visit with animals, and explore history. Activities are paired with recommended books that you can borrow to help take the learning experience home.


Through its technology lending program the library provides communication and technical support to City and County departments, homeschool groups, students, and members of the public. You must be an adult to borrow Tech2Go items.

The library has circulating hotspots available through a federal program. Speak with a staff member to get on the waiting list to borrow a hotspot.

Patrons can learn robotics, electronics and programming basics by working with robotics kits periodically on display at our Learning Stations. These include the library's ClicBot (named Archie!), Makey, LittleBits, SnapCircuits, Cubelets, Spheros, and more. If kits are not on display, you may still be able to borrow them from the front desk and use them in the library.

Meeting, administrative, and educational tech is available for use in the library. Some technology is also available for borrowing. Circulating items include projectors, screens, lights, audio equipment, webcams, ring lights, and more. If you need technical or professional support for an event in the library, speak with a staff member.

Disaster relief & emergency management 

JCPL partners with Jefferson County Emergency Management and County leaders to reopen safely and provide special services in the event of a disaster. Library staff are trained in disaster relief and first aid. When disaster hits, the library supports Jeffersonians by providing:

  • Public education about preparing for disasters and being safe.
  • Reliable local information, such as the location of shelters, sandbag locations, and which stores and services are open.
  • Cooling stations and places to charge your devices.
  • Entertainment for children and families.
  • Distribution of ice, hot meals, and other relief supplies.
  • Family reunification.
  • IT and communications support for FEMA and insurance companies.

During a disaster, library hours, staff and services may change. We will make sure the library is safe to use and can be acessed by road before opening for emergency operations.

Health, wellness and quality of life 

Libraries are an important partner in community health. JCPL collaborates with the Jefferson County Health Department, Jefferson County Agricultural Extension, and OneBlood to help provide free health screenings and services to patrons. Our health and wellness programs include:

  • The Sanitation Station, which includes masks, hand sanitizer, and up-to-date information about health issues in Jefferson County.
  • Free mammograms during Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Blood drives
  • Healthy heart screenings
  • Health, fitness and cooking classes
  • Testing for COVID-19 and influenza during high-risk periods
  • Vaccination clinics

Library staff can also assist you with finding local health resources, applying for health insurance, and finding reliable books and information about health and wellness.