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This information is to help people with health or accessibility concerns plan their library visit/s. Information is added based on patron requests and best practices. We want to make sure the library is accessible to all Jeffersonians. If you have any questions about library services or the building, or need accomodations or assistance not listed here, call 850-342-0205.

Health & safety 
  • Public areas of the library have security cameras.
  • The front desk is staffed during open hours.
  • Library staff recieve a Level II background check before employment.
  • Naloxone (Narcan) kits are available in case of an overdose emergency. 
  • There is a First Aid Kit available at the front desk.
  • A bottle filler and water fountain is available in the main hallway.

The library is actively engaged in reducing COVID-19 risks to patrons and staff. We closely monitor information about the virus and other infectious diseases in the area. During the pandemic we have taken the following steps to help make the library safe and accessible to all, including those with high risk:

  • The library is closed to the public on Mondays so patrons can recieve curbside, low contact, or no-contact services. To get assistance, ring the bell or call the library at 850-342-0205. If you are sick but still need library services, please help protect library patrons and staff by using curbside or low-contact services.
  • Air quality is monitored via Co2 monitors placed throughout the library.
  • Access to free library Wi-Fi is available on the library grounds and in designated Wi-Fi parking lots. 
  • In 2020, hospital-quality HEPA filters and UV filters were added to the main air conditioning system. 
  • Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes are placed throughout the library as an additional filtration measure. 
  • The Sanitation Station includes information about local health risks, hand sanitizer, and occasionally other gifts to help improve your health and safety in the library.


Physical access 
  • The library building has no stairs or elevators and is wheelchair accessible via a ramp from the parking lot.
  • There are 2 accessible parking spaces.
  • All restrooms are wheelchair accessible and have baby changing stations.
  • The minimum width of shelving, hallways, and walkways is 36 inches.
  • Books are at a maximum height of 75 inches and a minimum height of 16 inches. Staff assistance is available if you have trouble reaching items.
  • A variety of seating options are available including benches, chairs with and without arms, chairs with and without casters, soft seating, modular seating, and rocking chairs. 
Environmental quality 
  • There is hospital-quality air filtering and UV sanitization as part of the central air system.
  • The air temperature is usually around 72 degrees. Air quality is monitored.
  • Pets are generally not permitted in the library, but there are occasionally public events with animals, and the library may have a small pet exhibit. Animal events usually take place on Wednesdays or Saturdays. 
Sensory concerns 
  • The library is usually busiest on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. It is least crowded on Saturday mornings and after 4 p.m. during the week. 
  • As of 2018, all florescent lighting has been replaced with LED lighting.
  • Main library areas are carpeted. Meeting rooms have vinyl flooring. Restrooms have tile flooring.
  • The noise level in the library is typically around 40 decibels or less. Events and gatherings may be louder.