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Little Free Libraries

The library supports and assists community and civic groups with the establishment and maintenance of Little Free Libraries in Jefferson County. These libraries rely on the honor system, meaning that people can take a book without needing to return it, or they can leave a book in exchange for another one. By supporting and caring for Little Free Libraries, we hope to promote literacy, reading, and access to books across the county. Books are provided by community members. While we do not oversee the contents of Little Free Libraries, we encourage patrons to leave high quality books in good condition. If you would like assistance from the library in establishing a Little Free Library, contact us

Anyone may establish a Little Free Library, and the library may not be responsible for the maintenance or contents of a little library. However, if you notice a library is in poor condition, and are unable to establish who is responsible for caring for the little library, we may be able to help. Let us know!