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Through its technology lending program the library provides communication and technical support to City and County departments, homeschool groups, students, and members of the public. You must be an adult to borrow Tech2Go items.


The library has circulating hotspots available through a federal program. Speak with a staff member to get on the waiting list to borrow a hotspot.

Robotics & electronics

Patrons can learn robotics, electronics and programming basics by working with robotics kits periodically on display at our Learning Stations. These include the library's ClicBot (named Archie!), Makey, LittleBits, SnapCircuits, Cubelets, Spheros, and more. If kits are not on display, you may still be able to borrow them from the front desk and use them in the library.

Microscopes and telescopes

Borrow a microscope or telescope from the library and explore your world.

Meeting tech

If you have an online or remote event coming up, you need the right technology. Borrow a webcam, meeting camera, green screen or ring light.

Projectors & screens

Projectors and screens are available to borrow for your upcoming presentation. Rules and restrictions may apply. Visit the front desk or call to inquire.