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Collection Development

Since items are shared across the Wilderness Coast consortium (see Governance), collection policies are developed in coordination with our sister libraries and Wilderness Coast Advisory Board.

Public library collections are not curricular or instructional. They may be included in the collection for various reasons, including patron requests, entertainment, or to provide information on a controversial issue or topic. The availability of an item in the library does not reflect agreement, endorsement, or recommendation of the item's point of view. Patrons are welcome to make requests and selections using the Item Request forms available at the front desk, or via the contact form on the library's website.


Citizens of Wakulla, Franklin, and Jefferson counties have the right and responsibility to be informed and literate. The public libraries that serve these communities are central resources of information. As such, the libraries provide a large and well-curated collection of materials to serve the educational and recreational needs of all the people living in these communities. 


The Collection Development Policy supports the libraries’ mission as well as serving as a guide in the selection of materials, weeding materials, and to provide a process to address library patron concerns and challenges.

Community Statement

Wilderness Coast Public Libraries serve the communities of Wakulla, Franklin, and Jefferson. Collection development requires that the diverse needs of the people residing in these counties are kept in mind when selecting materials. Our libraries further serve the needs of these communities by participating in reciprocal borrowing (ILL) with participating Florida libraries as well as providing a broad selection of electronic resources. 

Responsibility Statement

The responsibility for selecting library materials belongs to the directors of each library. The director may delegate the selection of materials to trained staff using a selection policy. Each director provides structure for selecting, acquiring, managing, and weeding materials.

Material Selection

In order to provide a well-rounded collection of materials, librarians will make selections based on demand, professional reviews, recommendations from patrons and staff, while keeping an excellent selection of literary staples. Limitations of the budget as well as space must be considered and selection focused on a broad range of patron needs and interests.

Criteria For Selection

Purchased and donated materials must meet the following criteria:

  • Physically durable
  • Meets the anticipated needs and interests of library patrons
  • Well-reviewed by professional publications
  • Creative, literary, or technical quality
  • Cost and availability
  • Professional reputation of the author and publisher
  • Space and budgetary constraints

The choice of library materials by patrons is an individual one. Library materials checked out to children and adolescents are the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians, both in subject matter and in the care of those materials. 

Collection Maintenance

Weeding materials from the collection is of vital importance in maintaining a relevant, well-circulated collection of resources. The criteria for materials selection may also be used in deselection. Evaluating the library collection on a regular basis ensures that member libraries offer relevant, current, accurate, and appealing materials. 

Gifts and Donations

The choice to accept gifts and donations rests with the library directors, who will consider the quality of the items and the space available for them. Gifted and donated materials must meet the criteria of purchased materials to be added to the library’s collection. Donated materials are accepted with the understanding that library directors may do what they feel is best with the materials, whether that is adding them to the collection, selling them at book sales, or giving them away. Once materials are donated, they become the sole property of the library.

Digital Resources

Digital resources are a fundamental part of the library collection. They must meet the same criteria as the physical collection. Member libraries strive to maintain a well-rounded collection of digital materials accessible to patrons with a library card and internet access.

Cooperative Membership

Membership in the Wilderness Coast Public Library Cooperative provides:

●      Shared ILS (Koha) platform fee

●      Ebook service (Overdrive) platform fee

●      Additional Overdrive ebook and audiobook purchases (level varies as funding permits)

●      Courier delivery service to library locations

●      Library website hosting and maintenance

●      Payment or reimbursement for technical support  (hardware and software)

●      Internet filtering software (I-Boss) subscription

●      Mango Languages (foreign language training) software subscription

●      Chilton’s Auto Repair database subscription

Intellectual Freedom Policy

Wilderness Coast Public Libraries adhere to the principles of the Freedom to Read Statement, the Freedom to View Statement, and the Library Bill of Rights adopted by the American Library Association. Freedom of expression is essential to a democratic form of government. As a public institution serving a free, democratic society, Wilderness Coast Public Libraries are committed to providing as expansive a range of materials as possible. Controversial materials are included in the library collection; they do not imply the approval of the contents by library staff. Displays are created with professional standards to inform patrons of materials available in the collection, and to make it possible for patrons to choose freely from a variety of offerings. Materials will not be marked, sequestered, or removed to show approval or disapproval. No restrictions are made on what patrons may check out from their library. 

Individuals or groups may question the inclusion of materials. They are free to select the materials they check out for themselves or for their minor children, but are not free to inhibit the freedom of choice for others. Libraries will not remove materials chosen with the criteria listed in this policy. 

Reconsideration of Library Materials

If a patron wants the library to reclassify or remove a book from the collection, they must fill out the “Public Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” form available at all member library locations. It must be completely filled out and mailed to the Central Administrator of the library cooperative. The Central Administrator will bring the form to the Wilderness Coast Public Libraries Board who will review the request and make the final decision adhering to the guidance found in the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read and the Freedom to View statements, and the American Library Association’s guidelines on intellectual freedom. The final authority rests with the Board.

Once the review is complete, a written response from the Central Administrator will be mailed to the patron. 

All citizen's requests for re-evaluation will be reviewed by the Library Director and the Wilderness Coast Public Libraries Board. The individual submitting this form will receive a written response to this request. The request should be submitted to the Central Administrator at 1180 W. Washington St. Monticello, FL 32345