Our Collection


The library takes pride in offering an outstanding collection of new, popular and high quality books to library cardholders. See our blog, Books to Check Out, for some featured new titles. We also feature titles on displays throughout the library.

Search our catalog for the title or topic you are looking for–if it’s in the library we can hold it for you at the front desk. Is the library missing a title you would like to read? We have access to millions of books via our partner libraries in the Wilderness Coast Public Library Consortium and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system. If you don’t see something you want, simply make a request via email, at the front desk or by phone.

The library can also assist you with research, and provide you with guidance or a booklist to help you find reliable and high-quality answers to your questions. For more information on borrowing privileges and fines, see Your Library Card.

Collection Development Criteria

Items are purchased with the goal of investing a collection of popular and high-quality books, movies and audiobooks that help patrons participate in popular culture, be well-informed citizens and voters and enjoy the pleasure of reading and intellectual engagement. Each selection of new items should represent a good investment of taxpayer funds according to the following criteria:

  • Sufficient funds to purchase the item
  • The item is reasonably priced compared to similar items
  • Recent publication date (2016-2017), unless the item is a replacement or a special request
  • Hardback or high quality paperback format, unless the item can only be accessed in mass market format
  • Demonstrates high quality or public appeal as shown by at least one of the following:
    • Two professional reviews from established publications
    • Major awards such as the National Book Award, Carnegie Medal, Edgar Award, Printz award, Hugo/Nebula Awards, etc.
    • Appears on “best of” or “essential” lists issued by the New York Times, Library Journal, genre societies or similar publications
    • Is the subject of significant media interest (e.g. news, feature film, celebrity memoir)
    • Appears on summer reading lists at local schools
  • Local author or local interest, such as Florida histories, legislative updates, etc.
  • Replacement of a lost or damaged title, if necessary
  • Additional format (multiple copies, large print, book on CD, ebook) of New York Times bestsellers or very popular titles

Patron requests

Patrons are encouraged to suggest and request titles, genres and collections for the library to develop. Requests may not always be granted due to insufficient funds or a lack of demand. If the library cannot purchase a title, we will make every effort to obtain the title through interlibrary loan.


Various collections and genres (e.g. classics, politics, mystery, etc.) are periodically assessed for quality, circulation, condition and datedness. If these areas are in need of replenishment, or a new collection is developed, the library may purchase a number of essential and new titles. These titles are selected through genre-specific research, publisher lists and professional consultation to ensure that each collection reflects the highest quality titles available.


In a small library collection, weeding is a critical part of maintaining the collection’s value and ensuring sufficient space for new titles. Items may be weeded for the following reasons:

  • Item has not circulated (been borrowed) in more than 5 years
  • Item is damaged, dirty, stained or infested with parasites/mildew
  • Item does not have a dust jacket
  • Item contains outdated information, is in an outdated format or is superseded by a new edition
  • Collection is in the process of replenishment or rebalancing with higher quality and newer titles

Weeded items are expected to be disposed of respectfully in the following ways:

  • Donated to Friends of the Library book sales
  • Donated to local schools, daycares, prisons and similar institutions
  • Released to Better World Books, which resells titles and returns some funds to the library
  • Recycled by the Jefferson County Solid Waste Department (if the item is not suitable for donation or resale)

In-kind donations

The library discourages gifts of books due to time and space constraints. However, new/like new hardback or high quality paperback books, DVDs and books on CDs may be added to the collection. Other items are dealt with according to the disposition policy. The library cannot guarantee that any specific donated item will be added to the collection, and cannot return items after donation. The library does not accept the following in-kind donations:

  • Technology, devices or software (unless through a grant or community partnership)
  • Books on tape
  • Self-published works (if they do not meet collection development criteria)
  • Home videos or unauthorized copies
  • More than 15 items at a time
  • Damaged, wet or infested items

For more information about marketing an item to the library, see this Fact Sheet from the American Library Association.