Jefferson County Literacy Alliance

The Jefferson County Literacy Alliance (JCLA) is a coalition of preschools and social services agencies that works to ensure that every child in Jefferson County is ready to read by the time he or she enters school. The three-year grant supports multiple programs.

Read With Your Baby

Parents in Jefferson County with a new baby get a free Read With Your Baby welcome bag that includes a first book for baby, information about the library, baby reading lists, promotional materials and an instruction booklet about how to raise a happy, literate baby.

ABC -123 Family Reading Nights

These events help promote reading as a core value in families and promote quality parent-child activities focused on reading and books. Family Reading Nights begin with a free, sit-down family dinner, followed by movement and storytelling activities. Children then go to Children’s Club, where they participate in reading and craft activities, while parents get to work with professionals to learn how to improve their children’s literacy skills. Participates in ABC-123 can also sign up for a free texting program and get literacy tips texted to them throughout the week.


The SEEDS program brings trained reading mentors into preschools to read and do comprehension activities with small groups of children. Mentors meet with the same groups of children once or twice a week. This program has been implemented in schools and preschools across Florida and has proven success in boosting reading comprehension and contextual knowledge for children.

Preschool Curriculum

JCLA offers our partnering preschools a free, high-quality early literacy curriculums and free training and coaching for early educators.

JCLA programs and activities are supported by a strategic partnership between the library, Jefferson County, and the Florida Institute of Education at the University of North Florida.